Jessica Barber: Five Vital Steps to Enable Business Transformation

Jessica Barber

Jessica Barber was appointed BHP Billiton Iron Ore’s first female Mining Manager at its Mt Whaleback Mine in the Pilbara. She was the recipient of the AFR BOSS Young Executive of the Year Award in 2012 and WA winner of the Telstra Business Women’s Awards Business Woman of the Year. Her presentation at Mainstream Conference in Melbourne and Perth, she explains why your people are the key to changing the organizational culture and transform business performance. Continue reading

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Nancy Johnson on Asset Management “There are No Secrets; Only Imperfect Memories”

Nancy Johnson

Nancy Johnson is recognized for leading initiatives that improved the image of the busiest US airport system, surface transportation assets, regional marine terminals and ports, and the World Trade Center. Her programs, including the EAM and Storm Mitigation and Resiliency program following Hurricane Sandy, have reduced cost and risk, increased external funding, improved cash flow, and enhanced customer experience.

In the lead up to her session at Mainstream Conference in Melbourne and Perth, she explains how she found herself in one of the most heavily male-dominated industries, and shares some lessons she learned along the way. Continue reading

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Dr. Carla Boehl: How to Master Innovation in Asset Management

Carla Boehl

Dr. Carla Boehl is one of the leading minds in Australia on strategic asset management and innovation. She is currently a Senior Lecturer and Researcher at WA School of Mines, Curtin University and will be presenting on “How to Help Your Company Master Innovation” at Mainstream Conference in Perth. Ahead of her session, she shares four insights about innovation in asset management. Continue reading

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8 Team-Building Lessons From a World #1 Cricket Coach

Leadership_Cricket_Lessons-8b38574Paddy Upton is a world renowned cricket coach and speaker at Mainstream Conference. He shares eight lessons learned while transforming a fledging cricket team into a World No 1 ranked team and explains how these lessons can translate to your own maintenance and reliability teams.

As a mental-game coach, I had been fortunate to help lead two nations’ cricket teams to the World No 1 ranking. What happened next was a surprise. The captain of one of the teams in the Worlds premier cricket tournament, the Indian Premier League (IPL), called me saying, “I know you’re not actually a cricket coach, but we’d like you to lead us as Head Coach in this year’s IPL.”

The team was the Rajasthan Royals. They had been at or near the bottom of the log team for the last four years, partly due to spending the least of all ten teams on player salaries. With the same restricted budget, the task was to lead the same team of lesser-skilled underdogs to the top of International cricket.

Short on talent and low on past records, we would need to do things differently. Here’s some of what we did: Continue reading

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Achieving Continuous Improvement with Cross Functional Focus & Aligned Goals

Maintenance_Strategy_Connection-8b38574Far too often asset management strategies fail because the onus is put on the maintenance and reliability team. When there is a disconnect between those maintaining and those operating the asset, the strategy is doomed to fail. The challenge has always been how to get operations and maintenance on the page and speaking the same language. We need to remind ourselves of the fact that asset management is not about maintenance, it’s about making money. Continue reading

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[Video] ISO 55000 Panel Discussion: What Are They & What’s In It For Me?

iso-154533_640ISO 55000 has been around for a while but there still remains questions around what it is, why we have it and what it means for the industry as a whole. Watch this video from Mainstream Conference USA to hear four of the leading practitioners in the industry discuss these questions and more in an attempt to demystify ISO 55000.

Drew Troyer – Principal, Sigma Reliability Solutions

Cliff Williams – Corporate Director of Maintenance, ERCO Worldwide
Robert Williamson – International Reliability & Maintenance Expert, Strategic Work Systems, Inc.
Terry Wireman – Senior Vice President, Vesta Global
Continue reading

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How Coaching Creates a Box of Smarties

smarties-50838_1280Stephanie Pullings-Hart, Executive Director Technical & Production for Nestlé Australia, provides a glimpse into the communication methodologies which form the basis of the Nestlé Continuous Excellence (“NCE”) program. With household brands such as NESCAFÉ, UNCLE TOBYS, MILO, MAGGI and of course KIT KAT, NCE and Total Performance Management (TPM) are cornerstones of the way Nestlé does business. This encapsulates everything they are trying to do in the area of safety, quality, cost, waste and importantly, customer satisfaction.

Stephanie shares some of the key insights from the NCE journey: Continue reading

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Your Plant’s Guide to Success: People!

glass-slipperIf this was a Cinderella story, Teresa Keating would be the fairy god mother.

A popular Mainstream Conference speaker, Teresa is a Business Manufacturing Technology Director at The Dow Chemical Company. She has certainly experienced her share of plant transformations. From taking on some of the most unreliable assets in the global business to setting all-time plant performance records, Teresa was responsible for the transformation of several plants at Dow and her work continues to sustain results. What was her recipe for success? People.

Continue reading

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