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To better understand today’s Reliability, Maintenance and Asset Management landscape, Eventful Conferences is continually conducting research with leaders and professionals in the space. This year’s research initiative included dozens of individual meetings, supplemented by a dedicated community-led research workshop with over 25 leaders of reliability, maintenance, asset management, operations and engineering design from across nearly every asset intensive industry in North America. The group met with one primary goal in mind – to identify and unpack the greatest challenges currently being faced and the most critical topics of interest.

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  • Leadership Development

    Recognizing the need to train and develop leadership skills in asset management professionals and building systems to attract, identify, retain, and nurture leaders

    • Understanding where leaders add value and enable them to do so
    • Encourage current leaders to mentor and connect with high-potential younger hires
    • Differentiate between managers and leaders – train the skills required for both
    • Discovering the “why” in reliability and capturing the hearts of the organization
    • Rewarding positive behaviors and aligning KPIs
    • Creating employee engagement through a reliability culture and rewarding employee buy in
    • Plan for a succession of leaders, including your own
    • Identify your “reliability champions” at all levels of the organization
  • Communication Alignment

    Learning to speak a common language across sites and functions and aligning the goals of your team to that of the organization

    • Each project should be linked to specific strategic objectives of the business – with direct lines straight to margin and productivity
    • Understand the competing demands of short-term returns and long-term strategy
    • Clearly articulate the cost/risk story to Executives
    • Avoid using language and tools that only engineers love
    • Put yourself in the perspective of someone making business decisions for the organization
  • Skills & Training

    Anticipating your skill gaps as demographic change and addressing them with intentional and forward thinking programs

    • Develop succession and transition programs to insure smooth transitions to new employees
    • Create cross-generational management best practices to combat the conflicts that arise when different generations interact, particularly when younger generations manage aging workforces
    • Empowering and rewarding positive role models/teachers and conversely reducing the role of negative influencers in the knowledge transfer process
    • Developing dynamic mentorship and apprentice programs
    • Encourage and reward on-going skills training
  • True Value from Data

    Deriving actionable insight from collecting the right data, and building a culture that values and embraces data-driven decisions

    • Teach employees to capture data and empower them to use it
    • Expect to face resistance, particularly around the still developing areas of mobile data gathering
    • Data is abundant: always gather your data with a goal in mind
    • Leverage shared collection devices and to cut through the noise of big data
  • Asset Management Strategy & Philosophy

    Intelligent use of benchmarking and systems/ standards for operational excellence

    • Benchmarking and road-mapping are essential steps to ensure that an organization reaches reliability and maintenance milestones and moves toward maximum operational effectiveness
    • Working to a standard requires resources but leads to better outcomes
    • Define what asset management means to the organization
    • Using benchmark data and gap analysis to create an action plan to drive increased reliability
    • Asset management strategy must take a whole life-cycle view of the assets
  • Capitalize on New Technology

    Innovative ways to depict real time risk; smart technology to contain cost and improve efficiency; accessing data in near real-time for predictive analytics

    • Beware of cost creep associated with technology automation and complex equipment
    • Make sure your people have the skills to enable the emerging technology
    • Identify potential cost savings from IT/OT convergence
    • Embrace cultural changes in the use of new technology – change management can be the most challenging part
    • Speak the language of executive leadership when selling the value of new tech
    • Adapt process to accommodate the benefits of new tech, don’t just insert new tech into old processes
    • Educate and train on new skills required for existing workforce, and target new workers with cross functional skills

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