[Video] ISO 55000 Panel Discussion: What Are They & What’s In It For Me?

iso-154533_640ISO 55000 has been around for a while but there still remains questions around what it is, why we have it and what it means for the industry as a whole. Watch this video from Mainstream Conference USA to hear four of the leading practitioners in the industry discuss these questions and more in an attempt to demystify ISO 55000.

Drew Troyer – Principal, Sigma Reliability Solutions

Cliff Williams – Corporate Director of Maintenance, ERCO Worldwide
Robert Williamson – International Reliability & Maintenance Expert, Strategic Work Systems, Inc.
Terry Wireman – Senior Vice President, Vesta Global

Watch this video to hear the panel discuss:

  • What is ISO 55,000, how did we get there, why do we have it?
  • What does it mean for the industry?
  • Why should the industry care that it exists?
  • What’s going to drive it?
  • Should we comply to the standard just to get certified or should we be committed to the standard?
  • Do companies need to tap into other resources in order to come up with a plan to implement ISO 55000?

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