Achieving Continuous Improvement with Cross Functional Focus & Aligned Goals

Maintenance_Strategy_Connection-8b38574Far too often asset management strategies fail because the onus is put on the maintenance and reliability team. When there is a disconnect between those maintaining and those operating the asset, the strategy is doomed to fail. The challenge has always been how to get operations and maintenance on the page and speaking the same language. We need to remind ourselves of the fact that asset management is not about maintenance, it’s about making money. 

Who Owns Reliability?
In reality, operations are the owners of reliability – not maintenance.

To reflect this, we need to recognize that operations is the key driver for the reliability of assets. We need to create a true level of transparency between operations and maintenance, where possible with shared goals and metrics. Once you see quick wins, you see breakdowns reducing through predictive maintenance, then it’s easier to sell internally. We need to threaten ops much better – we need to demonstrate the consequences.

Operations and Maintenance only come together in crisis – we need to come together every day. We need operators talking to operators about what they’ve achieved through reliability.

Stable and Predictable Production
We have to focus on stability and reliability to improve performance. We need stable and predictable production and operations. We often use tools under the continuous improvement banner – but these can often be a very cookie cutter method – we need to focus on the culture and how they might work.

Aligned goals and business focus comes down to governance, organization and people. Central organization reporting at senior levels is responsible for achieving global standards and performance improvement.

We are in a transition period – it seems like the days of having separate operations and maintenance teams should be numbered. We are beginning to understanding that now – but it’s a work in progress.

Enablers to achieving excellence:

  • Focus on rewarding proactive behaviors
  • Use incentives and communication to engage cross-functional teams
  • Break down silos which prohibit cross-functional, plant and provision knowledge sharing

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