On-Demand Webcast: Generate Value with ISO 55000 in 5 Steps Tomorrow

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Rhys Davies – Chairman, ISO Committee & President, eAsset Management Ltd 

Getting to the bottom of aligned objectives is all about understanding value, how it is derived and how it is communicated. Hear from seasoned asset management professional, Rhys Davies, who has led 31 countries in the development of International Standards for asset management, as he shares insights into how the value of ISO 55000 is delivered through effective asset management decision making.

You will take away:

  • The concept that AM is not difficult and can be implemented in simple steps tomorrow
  • An understanding for how the true value of ISO 55000 is embedded in strong leadership
  • Quick, easy and cheap steps that generate rapid results

Hear more from Rhys and the value that ISO 55000 can bring to your organization at the Mainstream Conference this May 21-24 in Nashville, Tennessee.

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